Important Things to Consider When Renting Scaffolding

If you are about to start a sizable construction project you may require scaffolding. Although many places sell scaffolding for an affordable price the problem is most people will only use them once. Unless you own a construction, siding, or painting business odds are you are a one-time use scaffolder. This means that rental is probably an ideal place to go. Rentals are cheaper than a purchase and provide just what you need for the length of time you need it. Renting a scaffold is not just about price however, so here are some other things to consider when looking for a rental. The actual use of a scaffolding must be considered as well, because money is just the beginning of the practice. Last thing you need is for equipment you are using to become more of a headache than the job itself.

Take Some Measurements

Scaffolding comes in a variety of shapes and sized. So, it is important for you to take measurements of the area wherein it will be placed. Figure out how wide the spot is and exactly how high you need to go. Do not just measure the total height of the area, but also the spot where you will be working. You do not want to pay for scaffolding you will not use. You also do not want to rent equipment that will not fit your work area. Measuring also helps the companies you are using for rental estimate the overall cost.


A company renting scaffolding is just like any other contractor. They bear a reputation, have a website, and are followed by a stream of consumer reviews. You will be standing on this scaffolding at an elevated height, so you want to know that it is reliable. Look at the reviews, recommendations, and references of the site. Take note of the type of materials they use, if they have won any service awards, and check their credentials. Gather at least three different choices and compare prices. Never just pick the first choice out of a hat. Internet searches are the best source. Just type in something like scaffolding rentals meridian id and see what you get.

Ask Questions

Does the company you are renting from deliver? Will they set the scaffolding up themselves? If they will not be there an easy set of instructions? These are some key questions that need to be asked when dealing with scaffolding rental. If you do not have an engineering degree or construction experience than relying on the company will be important. Anyone dealing in scaffolding rentals should have more than basic knowledge of construction. Also ask about duration, coverage, pick-up, and additional fees. Never contract until you have every detail down pat. Many companies just rent the equipment and leave everything else up to you. Others may actually include a set up as part of their service. Depending on your preference it is important to know which is. Never forget to ask questions.